Smells Like Sour

Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?

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PostPosted: September 16, 2003 9:52 AM 


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PostPosted: November 11, 2003 5:44 PM 

ya, ya i know this song is kind of old, but hay i thought is was pretty cool, not sure if its SLS worthy. but hey i'd give it a shot. Aren't they coming out with a new cd? sure hope so i thought they were pretty good
xoxo christan


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PostPosted: November 12, 2003 8:13 AM 

Just to clarify, you have to check out those tabs at the top. You see the ones that say SLS1, SLS2, SLS3 and so on. This tune is marked SLS2 which means it's already made an SLS release. The Home tab is for proposed tunes for the next edition. Are we clear? Crystal.


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PostPosted: November 12, 2003 12:45 PM 

oh, i feel so stupid know Smile sorry!!!
ok once again thanx mike!!! Wink
and we are crystal clear on that one !! lol
luv ya lots!!!! christan


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PostPosted: December 16, 2003 10:13 PM 

yea they hust came out with a new cd my freind has it travis is so hot i juat had to type that lol i love that song feeling this BLINK 182 ROCKS HARD


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PostPosted: January 7, 2004 8:27 PM 

I love this song
Blink 182 are hmm.... Just The Best!


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PostPosted: January 30, 2004 3:16 PM 

Ok, BLINK IS THE BEST!!!! I can't say anything bad about em... I dunno they are like one of the oldies but they are GREAT.... much love to Mark, Tom, &Travis... Embarassed


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PostPosted: February 26, 2004 12:28 AM 

They ROCK!!! I LOVE BLINK!!!!!! I like Feeling This. BUt What's My Age Again is awesome. lol .i love them. Very Happy


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PostPosted: February 28, 2004 10:31 PM 

i love blink 182! all their music rocks! but whats my age again is such a classic..its definatly one of my favorites

crazy bitches

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PostPosted: March 16, 2004 5:19 AM 

for kinky blink 182 sex call or text . . . . .07881444887 and 07746125882 Wink you'll love it . . . . .we do!!!!!

Sam the Goth

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PostPosted: April 8, 2004 2:59 PM 

Blink 182 us AWSOME...they are just dorks and all do is have fun. Who doesn't like fun...speak now or forever hold your peace...they are a fun band and thats why me, like other goths like them.


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PostPosted: May 7, 2004 7:06 PM 

fuck this band
fuck fuck fuck
theyre embarassing

im sry but i really dont understand why theyre so appealing. they cant sing, they cant play, theyre lyrics make no sense, they act like 3 year olds and it gets on my fucking nerves.

i luv good music. i hate blink...and everyone like them.


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PostPosted: May 9, 2004 1:13 AM 

ya Whats my Age Again is awesome i lov Blink there my fav Band EVA


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PostPosted: May 9, 2004 7:41 PM 

"Sam the Goth". Wow you really are goth.. I mean.. you listen to blink 182.

I'm being sarcastic.


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PostPosted: July 5, 2004 7:38 AM 

Great song, I think it's better than new ones Cool


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PostPosted: October 19, 2004 6:54 PM 

sam the goth is gay i hate you


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PostPosted: November 27, 2004 10:59 AM 

woh... hav u actually met sam the goth?! who gives a fuck wot kind of music u listen 2 there isn't a rule or nething saying goths cant listen 2 Blink 182 i mean the hole point of goths/grebs is tht we all have r own style and we dont go with the sad stereotypes who think tht u have 2 live by certain rules if u want 2 be a certain type of person! think about it.


yeah, alright

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PostPosted: December 11, 2004 3:55 PM 

like blink is awesome, 2cool and rad. totally tubular man. Like sum41, good charlottte, greenday, limpbizkit, and a
slew of other commercial bands, feed my preteen mind with 24HOUR mtv retardation. i have no feelings or thoughts in my head i just buy my personality at the mall and eat prepackaged shit called fast food. G2G I have to spend the rest of my life in front of a computer or tv screen. luv 4-eva

small pie

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PostPosted: December 19, 2004 1:42 PM 

blink 182.......wat can i say? der r amazin! i luv wats my age agen, adams song, always, first date, the rock show.....aww fuck it i luv all of em!

megan: totally agree wit d travis fing! a fiiiiine specimen of maaaaaaanhooooooooood!
crazy bitches: y r u offerein sex 2 evry1? but i take ma hat off 2 u, u offer to provide for evry band! lol
sam the goth: u sound cul! much respect 4 indivuality
ahhhh: shut up
goatt: sarcasm is d lowest form of witt
adam: u shudnt judge ppl u dnt evn no!
clarey: totally agree. least sum1 on ere is showin sum respect
yeah, alright: ur odd. but cul also

i hate chavs

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PostPosted: April 21, 2005 3:27 PM 

have u ever been in love with someone but ure best frend is too, and he likes her back?


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PostPosted: October 6, 2005 10:45 PM 

my fav song is i miss u

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