Smells Like Sour

Incubus - Talk Shows On Mute

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PostPosted: May 29, 2004 12:30 AM 


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PostPosted: May 30, 2004 7:52 PM 

I've been digging this tune for a while now. It's quite good.


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PostPosted: June 1, 2004 9:22 AM 

Here's the thing though...we have rule that states an artist can only be represented once on each SLS. So, when SLS11 is "released" later this month, Incubus' "Megalomaniac" will be there meaning "Talk Show on Mute" won't be.

Having said that, this tune is only starting to pick up steam now so depending how things go you might find it on SLS12. Stay tuned.


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PostPosted: June 6, 2004 1:40 AM 

Good song. What's it about?


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PostPosted: June 6, 2004 1:42 AM 

Good song. What's it about?

B Carter

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PostPosted: June 8, 2004 2:31 AM 

Yeah I really like "talk show on mute" and the whole new Incubus cd. I couldn't agree more with the lyrics. All these crappy talk show host are "so much more endearing with the sound turned off!!!!"


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PostPosted: June 12, 2004 7:12 PM 

I really love incubus. talk shows on mute is one of their best songs. Smile

Gay Guy

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PostPosted: June 14, 2004 10:29 AM 

i love incubus so much and that song too

listen to incubus is like having a dick in your anus...


thee hee


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PostPosted: June 27, 2004 4:27 PM 

whats with the electric sheep?


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PostPosted: June 28, 2004 1:49 AM 

The Electric Sheep?
Its all about the media being animals and us being the foolish sheep that are along for fall (i think). Notice how when bands play on talk show they never get their props. Its always seems like the performance fly’s over the heads of the audience and the F*ING TALK SHOW HOST. I MEAN ALL THE MAJOR NETWORK HOSTs NEED A PUNCH IN THE FACE, EXCEPT JOHN STUWART AND MAYBE KILBORN.

Anyways, yes we are all animals and some are closer to werewolves then sheep.

Sleep now in the fire.... Confused


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PostPosted: August 3, 2004 6:54 PM 

1984 is based on george orwells novel...
great song, greeat band


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PostPosted: August 12, 2004 11:10 PM 

Sorry to correct you Carter but that isnt what its talking about...
the part
"The electric sheep are dreaming of your face" is making reference to "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick (196 Cool which, to relate it to more pop culture for you all, was the inspiration to the movie "Bladerunner"
and another part
"Come one, come all, into nineteen-eighty four" This makes reference to the book "1984" by George Orwell (1949, I believe...) Which I recommend you all pick up today, because it is essential to culture. Once again, to relate this to pop culture for you, this book is where the phrase "Big Brother is watching you!" came from.

Its mostly talking about society becomeing mindless from watching TV and how fake everyone is on it...


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PostPosted: August 15, 2004 10:51 PM 

Actually, I believe electric sheep is a reference to a Philip K. Dick novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" (on which the movie Bladerunner was based). In the future, a World War has killed off most human beings and sent most other species into extinction. Animals are thus greatly sought after, and companies build very realistic replicas (hence "electric sheep")--and the idea is then carried to humans when companies begin replicating humans. The point? Electric sheep are dreaming about us, intimating we are thoughtless, mechanical androids like in the novel.


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PostPosted: August 15, 2004 10:53 PM 

Sorry Matt--I didn't see your posting when I wrote mine. Funny though


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PostPosted: September 22, 2004 1:40 AM 

I know I'm very late on this, but I figured I would clear up the electric sheep. It is a reference to the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", the basis for the movie Bladerunner. The song reverses the role of the android (us) and the sheep, saying that we are nothing more than the dream of an electric sheep in the current state of America. That electric sheep being... Bush?


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PostPosted: September 22, 2004 8:18 PM 

Hi guys!
I really need ur help! I am supposed to write an essay on what i think the song talk shows on mute is about. It is due in 2 days so if you guys could email me back with some ideas on what this song is about because i really am having problems stretching my mind on this one.
my email is


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PostPosted: January 28, 2005 5:35 PM 

I Have a COMMEnT ...
all your comments seem to be true .
BUT ...


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PostPosted: January 31, 2005 3:28 PM 

hi? oh um i was just searching, through the system of a down web site and it brought me here? like dude? what the f***k?
oh n e way, hullo i pple do actually read this. Twisted Evil


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PostPosted: February 11, 2005 7:24 PM 

1984 hmm mtv was becoming more popular..computers and big cell shows picking up steam -- the media. "come one come all" sounds like a carnival. I dont believe one president will sell us out as much as each individual could...our common sense and opportunity passing by as we sell ourselves for comfort. OUr foundation is sliding and yet we are transfixed like deer in the headlights- you cant wear that w pride. WHy not turn off the volume its all a a bunch of lies.....


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PostPosted: February 11, 2005 8:33 PM 

Kilborn sucks ass.

Conan > all


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PostPosted: February 13, 2005 6:38 PM 

Brandon boyd actually got the idea for the song and video from the book 1984 by george crowell

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