Smells Like Sour

Outkast - Hey Ya!

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PostPosted: October 13, 2003 7:02 PM 

Hey Ya! It's Outkast! Bring on da funk, brutha. It's all good...


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PostPosted: October 27, 2003 12:00 AM 

I wan tto read this


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PostPosted: November 13, 2003 12:16 AM 

I love this music video/song. It's so modern beetle-ish/60s Motown-ish. Its so different from most of the videos out there right now. And the song is really catchy, not the best lyrics but not as stupid as a lot of stuff out there *e.g. Got some teeth or w/e that stupid songs called*


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PostPosted: November 13, 2003 9:19 AM 

This observation is aimed at the T.O. brotherhood who listen to CFNY:

102.1 is playing the hell out of this song, and frankly I'm glad. For too long they didn't play anything that wasn't of a specific genre. No crossover hits from the hip hop world - unless the tune was from white artists like the Stereo MCs or Beastie Boys.

Recently, Eminem's Lose Yourself was played every morning for six months, but again, this is a hip-hop flavoured tune from a white artist. It's about time they start playing tunes with a little soul from other genres that still rock like this great tune from Andre 3000 of Outkast. I love this tune.


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PostPosted: November 13, 2003 9:30 AM 

I like this song too. I would love to see another Oukast tune on SLS.

However, as much as I would like that, the truth is that this song is not very heavy. The tempo is quite slow, and the lyrics the same. I like listening to this song, but it doesn't kick any ass. It's certainly no B.O.B. I'm afraid it doesn't rise to the level of SLS-worthiness.


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PostPosted: November 13, 2003 1:12 PM 

No, it's not B.O.B., but it's a cool tune. It's not very heavy, but I can refer you to numerous SLS tunes that were far from heavy. There's no rule that an SLS tune has to be heavy.

Hey Ya belongs on SLS10 because it's a good song. My ears like it and I'd much rather have Outkast funking out on SLS than that damn Nickelback tune. I vote Yes to Hey Ya on SLS10.


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PostPosted: November 13, 2003 7:29 PM 

Interesting note about this tune. It led the week in digital track sales selling more then the top offline single. You can read about this milestone on my site here. The digital revolution is gaining speed my friends.

lauren + danielle

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PostPosted: December 7, 2003 8:39 PM 

hey ya! we really like this song because it brings out our emotions. it makes me feel more in touch with our inner side. this song brings back memories of my beloved parrot that i lost to cancer. it all happened on a saturday and the rain was falling. i walked outside and he was gone to parrot heaven. those were the sad days but now with the help of this song i have the strength to carry on! thankyou outkast for this remarkable song that brings joy to all!

peace out!!!

rahule + garret

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PostPosted: December 7, 2003 8:45 PM 

me and garret really enjoy making love to this song. it makes us feel more passionate and garret is a very big boi and moves well to the music. he loves to get it right up there when outkast sing those high notes. we just have it on repeat for hours and hours. we would like to know if outkast would like to join us some day in this beautiful ritual!

seeya sweeties!


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PostPosted: December 20, 2003 9:49 AM 

sau das koole lied! Grüsse an Mona und leonie Wink nur findet man leider nirgends die lyrix für das Lied.Was dumm is.
Grüsse nach da Draussen.


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PostPosted: January 21, 2004 3:14 PM 

This song sucks!Final Answer!


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PostPosted: January 24, 2004 11:56 PM 

Oh shut up you.

Outkast is great, they scream originality.


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PostPosted: February 3, 2004 12:09 PM 

Outkast sucks and this song sucks.


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PostPosted: February 3, 2004 4:06 PM 



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PostPosted: February 5, 2004 11:11 PM 

Jiggs in green jockey outfits?!??!?

Outkast sucks! This song sucks. The fact they have a 'k' instead of 'c' sucks! The way they dance around sucks! Their lyrics suck!!!! Goddamn they suck!

Original? No...
Suck? Yes.


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PostPosted: February 6, 2004 12:32 AM 

Twisted Evil
when have you ever seen a nigga jockey?
is that trying to say something?

fuck outkast! and fuck you all! what am I even doing this for?
Go on post some shit reply telling me I'm a loser! See if I care.
The fact is you are all fuckwit geeks who wouldnt know a good song if it came up and shoved it's lyrics down your throwt!

p.s. Jase sucks more than outkast Evil or Very Mad


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PostPosted: February 6, 2004 12:59 AM 

What are you talking about? You don't know shit **asshole**
Your the kind of loser that think's Manson is good music. Hence obviously you are a bigger "geek" than anyone else here.
Outkast rock!


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PostPosted: February 6, 2004 7:12 PM 

It's official. Hip hop is now officially dead with the inexplicable popularity of the most godawful song ever to invade human ears. Hey ya @#$ing sucks!!!


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PostPosted: February 9, 2004 2:48 PM 

Hey ya sucks ya!

It is definately catchy though. This song is just a bunch of non-sensical BS with a cool beat. If you come with a beat, here are some lyrics that you or kastout might be able to use:

uh oh uh oh uh uh oh uh oh.........;lksahdiu;f;kasf;ouwef;lgf;oaiwhfr;oagfeaiuwegfoiuwhf[oqwrgt;owqgt;gfahgfkjdsflksajdhf;kashf;hflkasdfhflksahflksahflkasdhflkasjhflkhfiudf;igfd;oadf[98ayw[o8fqyefryefoiewyr;o8weyro7yroewybiwqyrqi8rfqgffg8rewqvq98r098wqtrpwqeuroqwauef[ouwfpoueoifwifiiii.....uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh..


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PostPosted: February 9, 2004 8:25 PM 

Nah, it's good. They bring so many different genres together.


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PostPosted: February 13, 2004 5:35 PM 

what an indian group should do is do a whole performance in black face to show those stupid n i gg e r s what making fun is like.

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