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Silverchair - Ana's Song

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PostPosted: September 16, 2003 11:19 AM 


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PostPosted: December 30, 2003 7:18 PM 

I love the song.

do double gizzle

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PostPosted: January 24, 2004 8:30 PM 

its about anorexia fools


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PostPosted: January 25, 2004 4:25 PM 

its not about anorexia dumbass


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PostPosted: February 4, 2004 12:13 AM 

Yeah it is! Duh.


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PostPosted: February 7, 2004 11:41 PM 

yeah it is about anorexia... i love that songg it's the only thing that understands me... for 6 f*cking years i have been with this sh*t and this is the only thing i can relate too


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PostPosted: February 22, 2004 1:23 AM 

Who cares what it's about this is an awesome song! Besides if it touches people its awesome


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PostPosted: March 26, 2004 9:03 PM 

i dont understand it
what does it mean


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PostPosted: April 28, 2004 1:15 PM 

euh i have to make an article about the song can somebody help me with information???

thank you



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PostPosted: July 6, 2004 12:58 AM 

"In my head the flesh seems thicker"

"And Ana wrecks your life like an anorexia life"


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PostPosted: July 11, 2004 3:26 PM 

he compares the girl: Ana
to the disease of anorexia.
think about this and read the lyrics again


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PostPosted: July 23, 2004 2:40 AM 


Daniel johns had anorexia.
He was writing from his experience.
That's easy to pick up if you listen to the lyrics.


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PostPosted: July 23, 2004 2:43 AM 


Daniel johns had anorexia.
He was writing from his experience.
It's easy to pick what the songs about if you read the lyrics properly.


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PostPosted: September 17, 2004 10:36 PM 

The Song is beautiful. Anorexia sucks! I can say that. That song helped me through my hard times five years ago. Whoever doesn't know what the song means is weird. My mom doesn't know what the song means. I guess it's too metaphorical (sry if I spelled that wrong) for people over 35.


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PostPosted: October 1, 2004 4:20 PM 

This song is great, i had never heard of silverchair before, until my boyfriend told me about them, were not together anymore but hes still my best friend. Ana's song is "our song" and now im called ana by everyone. its my nick name Very Happy its rly cute


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PostPosted: October 10, 2004 2:39 PM 

the song is absolutely beatuful, just the way he sings you can almost feel his emotions just spilling out. i love this song.


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PostPosted: October 12, 2004 11:53 AM 

its not cute that ur friends call u ana because of this song. no offence

Ana is an abbriviation for anorexia.
It is most definatly my favorite song, and a beautiful one at that. even though this discussion is old, im goin to explain it anyway. (at least to m knowledge)

"Please die Ana,":ana is anorexia. He wants it to go away.
"for as long as you're hear were not":when you have kills you, and it's like you're a different person
"you make the sound of laughter
and sharpend nails seem softer" :anorexia makes ur nails brittle and beakable from the lack of nutrients...and your not happy anymore.

"And I need you now somehow" :even though he wants it to go away, people with eating disorders hold on to them like its the only way they can live...its like cutting...a way to cope.

"open fire on my needs designed on my knees for you, open fire on
my knees desires what i need from you" what he needs from ana...

"imagine a pageant, in my head the flesh seems thicker" he thinks he's fatter then he really is..
"sand paper tears corode the film" :film...ur skin gets yucky when ur malnourished...
"and I need you now, somehow" :even thought it does all this shit to him...he still feels he needs it...or "her"

"and you're my obsession": (obviously)
"i love you to the bones" :anorexia makes u want to see bones...get it? and he loves it
"and ana wrecks your life" :anorexia or "ana" wrecks ur life...he knows this
"like an anorexia life" cuz ana IS anorexia

I'm not him, so obviously i could have interpreted some things wrong, but I've been through this myself...


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PostPosted: November 11, 2004 8:45 PM 

I adore this song is really great!!! and i love SUICIDAL DREAMS...this dude DANIEL J. Is a relly great songwritter..he is fantastic!!!


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PostPosted: December 8, 2004 7:45 PM 

Even though it's been some time, that one is a song 4life. That album was *** about how Daniel's life was f*cked up *** the paranoia and "deamons" he had. I think "Neon B***room" is gonna be one of the best albums ever made and Daniel is not far from being the most talented musician of our era, he just kicks ass!!!!


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PostPosted: December 13, 2004 1:02 AM 

Kate got it absulutly rite props thats exactly it most of u peeps dont know what its about but uh she dose


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PostPosted: December 26, 2004 7:27 PM 

LOL whoever put 'makes sharpened nails seem softer' means makes your nails brittle from lack of nutrients, LOL are you dumb?

It means everything harsh seems softer, as in anorexia helps him cope with the hard things in life...


some people... this thread is not too smart.

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